One of three old Halls dating from a time when Ashover was divided into three Manorial Estates. Goss Hall can trace its history back over 900 years. Purchased by Robert Perpoynt (Pierpont or Pierrepont) in the reign of Edward 1 (1272-1307) it was known as Pierpont’s Manor.


Around 1500 it passed into the ownership of the Babingtons, a staunch Roman Catholic family known to Queen Elizabeth. The Hall became known as Babington Manor. An heir Anthony was born in 1561. As a boy he served the Earl of Shrewsbury, gaoler to Mary the captive Queen of Scots. Anthony was devoted to the Catholic Queen and set in motion a conspiracy to set her free. He secretly visited Mary during her captivity at Wingfield Manor disguised as a gypsy, his face and arms stained with walnut juice. After she was moved to Staffordshire , spies discovered she was sending and receiving letters hidden in beer barrels. A letter from Babington revealing a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth was intercepted. There are stories that he hid in the cellars of Goss Hall, but he was arrested and thrown into the Tower of London and tortured. Although he petitioned Queen Elizabeth for mercy and an offer of £1000 was made to procure his pardon it was to no avail. He was hung, drawn and quartered on 20th September 1568 at Lincoln’s Inn Fields.


The Queen then gave his forfeited Babington Manor to her then favourite Sir Walter Raleigh.


In 1601 Sir Thomas Reresby a favourite of the court of Queen Elizabeth and King James bought Babington Manor and 1140 acres out of the 1330 acre estate. In 1612 Reresby mortgaged the property but unable to repay, had to sell it in 1620.


In 1623 Goss Hall and some of the manorial estate were purchased by Immanuel Bourne of Ashover; it was passed to his son Obidiah Bourne but around the 17th century it was sold to the Bower family who owned it for many generations. In 1817 Goss Hall passed to Sarah Bower who married Samuel Dutton Esq. He was eight times Mayor of Chesterfield. Sarah died in 1856 and Goss Hall was split into two and tenanted and farmed whilst the new owner Samuel Bower Dutton lived in Monyash. In 1890 their daughter Sarah married Alfred McDougall, a wealthy printer from Sheffield. Goss Hall continued to be tenanted until 1937 when Allan McDougall converted it back to one dwelling and took up residence. In 1947 the mortgage taken out by his parents was transferred to Allan. Upon his death ten years later Goss Hall by-passed his two children and against his wishes ended up in the hands of a reckless and extravagant stepson; the following year it was sold out of the family, breaking the Barratt Bower connection.


In 1958 it was sold to Roger and Diana Barratt, ten years later Graham and Julie Bunting lived there with their family. It was purchased by the present owner Rita Williams in 2004.